Get Ready for Summer

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Preparation is key to battling the summer heat and the summer air conditioning bill. The transition from spring to summer is exciting but it is also the time to take action to avoid potential problems with your system. It is fairly common for an air conditioner to ice up. The air conditioner drain line can also freeze and cause a leak, which is often confused as a plumbing leak. When this happens, immediately turn off your compressor by switching your thermostat over to fan. As the ice starts to melt, make sure that you have proper drainage. Then call a professional. It is important to make sure all issues have been correctly resolved to prevent permanent damage in the future. Also, it will help to keep your outdoor air conditioning unit cooler by planting trees and shrubbery around the area to provide shade. However, when planting, it is important to make sure that there is still enough room to allow air flow around the unit. Another simple tip for keeping the heat out of your home is to close your blinds, shades and draperies that cover windows facing the sun. Close coverings on East-facing windows in the morning and West-facing windows in the afternoon.

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